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Control of color quality in textiles
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Control of color quality in textiles

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In the production process of color spinning, color control is the key to quality control. If the color of the yarn does not meet the requirements of the customer, it would be useless to do a good quality index. In the process of improving the color matching level of proofing, we summarized a set of methods:
1 Create your own color card
We established our own color cards and continued to enrich them. Each color system makes a color number every 10%, a color system has at least 10 color numbers, and the spun yarn is woven into cloth to make a color card. After the sample is compared with the color card, visually compare with which color number, according to its composition plus or minus about 5%, made three sample rapid test textile sample contrast correction. During the spinning process, semi-finished products can also be compared, and differences can be returned in a timely manner. In order to ensure color accuracy, the number of counts should be similar to the sample.
Also pay attention to the consistency of the proofing machine and the production of large goods. Proofing and large cargoes are not only consistent from front to back, but also special equipment, equipment status, crafts, etc. must be as consistent as possible.
2 control of color proofing
2.1 darkroom light box settings
The kind of site requirements for color look should be seen in darkroom light boxes.
(1) The darkroom is 3 meters high and the layout is to be ventilated and shading (no light source other than the light source of the light box can be used).
(2) The light box is designed in a dark room with 6 square meters. The light boxes are placed in a row or back-to-back and can be placed face to face, otherwise the light sources will affect each other.
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