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Waterless dyeing

1/ Waterless dyeing to Enviromental protection;
2/ Better Colorfastness: 
    Dry: 4-5 grade      Wet: 4 grade 
3/ Better Stability:
    Directly absorb the dyestuff in unstressing condition,  to

    reach better stability: shrinkage / skewness / spirality. 


Reactive-disperse dyeing

Give “reactive dyeing“ hand feel  for CVC and T/R fabric.


Other Dyeing initiative technique


Diversity of Dyeing Technique


Sample Lead-time (with yarn available)

→ YD   : 14  days
→ Piece dyeing: 8 days



Bulk Lead-time (with yarn available)

→ Solid: 30 days

→ YD: 35~40 days




High Flexibility in Lead Time